Synaxis in english

Dear friends,

I would like to inform you about the new publication of "Synaxis", the orthodox theological quarterly published in Athens, Greece. An anthology of articles selected very carefully has been recently published by the "Alexander Press" (Montreal, Canada). The collection contains 80 articles (about 700 pages) in three volumes in a hard cover box set with original colour designs. For more details please see the attached ads. This exceptional and magnificent publication had already received critical acclaim from scholars, teachers, priests, bishops and simple dedicated faithful. In case you wish to order copies for yourself, for your church, organization or friends, please contact the publishing house (see below).
Dr. ATHANASIOS N. PAPATHANASIOU Editor-in-chief of "Synaxis"

The Publishing House:
2875 Douglas Ave. Montreal,
Quebec H3R 2C7, Canada
Tel.: +514-738-4018
Fax.: + 514-738-4718